Company History


Stepping into the glorious journey in 2006 as small layer with 40000 Birds.


From Poultry to Hospitality, Our capacity was 10000. Today we currently have a capacity of 10 lacs birds producing little less than 1 million eggs daily.


SMPL Group runs a diversified and well-integrated business comprising of the Poultry , Egg, Egg tray, Layer chicken, Poultry manure, Specialized Pet Food, which became 2 Lacs in capacity now. With a strong commitment to giving back to the society, the group undertakes many socio-economic initiatives.


From Poultry to Hospitality, Our capacity 40000. Today we currently have a capacity of 1.5 million birds producing 1.4 million eggs daily and 1 lac egg tray. Our total land area around 200 acres.


Layer Chicken

Layer chickens are such a special species of hens, which need to be raised from when they are one day old. They start laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of age. They remain laying eggs continuously till their 72-78 weeks of age.


Culled Birds are available for sale from our various sales counters and from our distributors. This as a healthy means of quality food and the consumption of culled birds are good as because the birds are kept with proper management and nutritious feeds.

Egg Tray

The cartons also prevent eggs from absorbing strong odors and flavors of other foods in your fridge. (Trust us: No one wants a pizza-flavored scrambled egg.) The cartons also help prevent the loss of carbon dioxide and moisture, both of which are key for better egg quality.

Poultry Manure

Poultry manure is the organic waste material from poultry consisting of animal feces and urine. Poultry litter refers to the manure mixed with some of the bedding material or litter (wood shavings or sawdust) and feathers.

Welcome To SANAKMATA Poultries Pvt. Ltd.

SMPL Group has evolved into a diversified industry giant with a presence in the Poultry, Egg, Egg tray, Layer chicken, Poultry manure, Specialized Pet Food and Hospitality segments. Headquartered at Dulia Jirapara, Goaltore, Paschim Medinapr, West Bengal..

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